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Athleta Coupon Promo Codes Updated For :

About Athleta:

If you are an active woman who loves keeping yourself fit and healthy, you must have heard about Athleta. But if you are yet to get comprehensive information about Athleta, you need not search the internet anymore. Here, you will get all the information about this premium women activewear brand and get the tips on how to benefit from your Athleta coupons and other forms of discounts. Athleta specializes in women’s activewear and is headquartered in Petaluma, California. The company designs active women’s clothing with the core aim of helping women feel more comfortable in their active life and help them realize their inherent “she power”. Athleta was founded in 1998 by Scott Kerslake. Mr. Kerslake, a cyclist and a surfer, observed the pressure women were subject to when it came to activewear. At that time, there were a few brands which specialized in women activewear and most of the needs of the active women were not fully met. Kerslake saw an opportunity in this niche and went ahead to raise significant seed capital to start Athleta. The company has grown over time to become a respected brand in women activewear niche.…
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Levis Coupon Coupon Codes Updated For :

Expired Levis Coupons

Everything you need to know about Levi’s:

Levi’s is a privately owned American clothing company founded in May 1853. It began operations when German Immigrant, Levi Strauss moved to San Francisco, California. He started the business at 90 Sacramento street by opening a west branch of his brother’s dry goods business which was situated in New York. The business eventually relocated to 62 Sacramento street after a while and expanded to other ventures from there. By 1858, the company made its way into the San Francisco Directory and was listed with a name not as popular as the world’s acclaim Levi’s. While the company’s corporate headquarters remains in California, a large percentage of Levi’s products are made overseas. However, one line of jeans is still being made in the US, in Greensboro, NC. Levi Strauss and Co. manufacture a wide range of products, including trousers, shirts, shoes, sweaters, T-shirts, eyeglasses, underwear, dresses, belts, and lots more. The company also runs an online retail store where customers all over the globe can buy products and get shipments delivered directly to them.

How to Redeem Your Promo Codes:

Using a promo code or…
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Rothys Coupon Discount Codes Updated For :

About Rothys:

Rothy’s is a shoe company established in 2016 by Roth Martin and Stephen Hawthornwaite. The two founders realized there was a missing gap in the market and came up with a solution to provide simple shoes for women. Rothy’s shoes are lightweight, durable, and comfortable for everyday use – they will keep up with you wherever you go. What’s more, they are made from recycled plastic using 3D knit technology. The shoes come in different styles – flat, pointed, Sneaker, and Loafers. Recently, they added kid’s shoes to their collection. The merchant pays close attention to versatility and that’s something you don’t see in everyday style. Rothy’s continues to invest in research and development to ensure there’s no waste during the process. Stephen (Hawthy) pursued a career in investment banking while Martin was a renowned designer. They had one goal in mind- to reduce the waste that comes with the traditional shoe making process. The company has more than 400 employees in China and the U.S. In 2018, Rothy’s opened its first store in San Francisco.

How to use coupon codes

When you visit Rothy’s home page, you’ll see a section of…
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LightInTheBox Coupon Discount Codes Updated For :

About LightInTheBox:

Lightinthebox came into being on June 2007 by four different people; Quji Guo, Xin Wen, Liang Zhang, Chit Jeremy Chau, and Jun Liu. Before its eventual restructuring on March 2008, the company operated under the name, Light in the box Limited. Now, the company acts as the final holding company and goes by the name, Lightinthebox holding Co. Ltd. By June 6, 2013, the company was listed on the New York Stock exchange under the symbol “LITB”. The founders placed themselves in the pole position to take advantage of China’s manufacturing and ever-increasing supply chain. Before June 30 of 2013, the company had already racked up $72.2 million in net revenue and had over 1.2 million customers by the second quarter of 2013. Lightinthebox offers products and services to its millions of customers through their retail websites. Their product categories revolved around three segments: small gadgets, apparel, and home and garden. By March 13, 2013, the company had managed to make over 220,000 product listings available to their teeming customers. They also added 14,000 new product listings every month for the three months that followed. Like most retail companies operate, customers visits…
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Fredericks of Hollywood Coupon Code Promo Codes Updated For :

About Frederick’s of Hollywood:

Frederick’s of Hollywood was founded in 1947 by Frederick Mellinger, the man who invented the push-up bra. The original store stood on Hollywood Boulevard and housed The Lingerie Museum which presented The Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame. The collection included lingerie worn by several Hollywood movie stars, including Madonna’s iconic spiked corset. Frederick’s daring designs revolutionized the lingerie industry, and you can still purchase and view his pioneering collection through American Fine Art, Inc. Frederick’s was the leading lingerie store during the 50s through the 70s, and they normalized the previously foreign concept of purchasing lingerie through a catalog. However, in the 1980s, Victoria’s Secret, founded by Roy Raymond in 1977, overshadowed the company in the 80s. Since then, the company had struggled to stay afloat. In 2015, they filed for bankruptcy, and the Authentic Brands Group acquired the branch, launching it exclusively as an online store. In 2017, Megan Fox was named co-owner and opened her own collection. With her acquired role, she maintains creative input and the freedom to design her own line. Currently, the online store sells lingerie and sleepwear, bras and panties, accessories, and has a…
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Tommy John Coupon Promo Codes Updated For :

About Tommy John:

Tommy John is an online underwear fashion retail company. It was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in New York City, New York, USA. The founder of Tommy John, Tom Patterson is the current CEO while his wife and co-founder, Erin Fujimoto, heads Merchandising. Incorporated in 2012, Tommy John deals in undershirts, underwear, and socks for both men and women. Tommy John has a workforce of 100 employees spread across its store locations. There hundreds of Tommy John stores located throughout the US.

How it Works

On the Tommy John website, click on the menu bar (3 lines) at the top left corner of the screen. The items are grouped into various categories and sub-categories for ease of navigation. This makes your shopping easier. The categories include: New arrivals Men Women Packs Underwear Shop by collection Seasonal offers Clicking on any of the categories above will give you the sub-categories to choose from. You can then proceed to pick your favorite undergarments. The items you pick will go to your shopping cart situated on your screen’s top right corner. Make payments at the checkout section. Payment options include PayPal and…

Cupshe Coupon Discount Codes Updated For :

About Cupshe:

Cupshe is a Californian themed swimwear brand which has been capturing and intriguing the imaginations of beach-loving women from all the corners of the globe since 2013. Inspired by the deep affinity and affection that women attach to beach life and the love for traveling to exotic destinations, it blends aspirational stylishness with affordable fashion designs to create state of the art and timeless swim collections that add extra relish to the already flavorful beach life.

How it works

Payment methods Like any other reputable online store, Cupshe accepts a wide range of payments to facilitate a seamless shopping experience for shoppers from all walks or the globe. These are Master card, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal, JCB, PayPal Credit, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. NB: The store does not accept debit cards. Ordering After successfully making an order on the store, order information is automatically sent to your registered email address. For this reason, ensure that you create your account with a valid email address to make sure that you receive all the updates concerning your order. Canceling an Order Any order made on Cupshe can be canceled as long as…
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Adam and Eve Coupon Promo Codes Updated For :

About Adam and Eve:

Adam and Eve Stores is a company that dates back 45 years ago. The company was founded by and Dr. Timothy Black and Phil Harvey. They both came together and decided on coming up with ways to control birth using natural methods. The methods they had in mind were not at all related to medicine and did not need any doctor’s advice or attention. Their information about sexual health was spread to nine third world countries that included Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Since the opening of this company, Adam and Eve have ensured to keep raising the standards of the American people and especially the adult industry. They have opened different retail stores that help in selling high quality products for men and women that enhance their sexuality. These quality goods are designed in such a way that adults who well understand sexuality can enjoy it whether at home or any other place but privately. The goods that are provided by Adam and Eve stores are made to ensure that they boost the confidence of the men and women purchasing them and allowing them enjoy their sexuality to the…