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EHarmony Promo Code

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About EHarmony

eHarmony is an Internet matchmaking platform. They collect data on the questionnaire you answer to know your preference on a potential partner. They use mathematics algorithms to pair you with the best partner who has the most similarities. A professional psychologist named Dr. Neil Clark Warren and his son in law formed a seminar company in the year 1995. In 2000 after five years the seminar company changed to an online dating platform. Dr. Neil Clark had extensive knowledge with married couples. He realized couples with more similarities divorced rarely. He came up with an algorithm that would match potential partners. The method proved to be 80% efficient. Venture capitalist injected three million dollars into the startup. The company is privately owned. Its headquarters are based in Los Angeles California United States Of America. It has ten million active users in the year 2017. A potential user has to register with the website to join. They will provide their full names, zip codes, country, gender, email, password, and how you came to learn about eHarmony. There is a questionnaire which is optional to answer. The questionnaire has 150…
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AliExpress Promo Code

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About Ali Express

Aliexpress is retail store online, where companies big or small sell their products. The company is owned by Alibaba and it is based out of China. Since 2010 they have been offering international buyers including individual buyers and companies. With buyers from around the globe Aliexpress serves the following languages: Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, and Italian. Aliexpress has a popular affiliate marketing program that rewards people who send others to their site by using a link provided.

How To Use Discount Codes

Coupons can be found a few ways. Through an email from Aliexpress, on the home page, and right on the merchants product page. By clicking on the coupon you will have the chance to add the coupon to your account. Some coupons come out in advance and are only valid during a certain time frame. Once you coupon is valid you can go to the home page of your account and look down the options on the left hand side of the page. There you will find a section called “My Coupons”. This is also where you will see any saved coupons you may have. On this…
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About was formed in the year 1993. It is an internet platform that provides online dating services. A member has to register through the site to sign in. Someone can log in using their emails or Facebook account. A user is required to fill their age, gender, and zip code number. They can choose the gender they want to interact with and the age bracket. The service encourages users to upload their real pictures. The users are required to create a profile to attract more matches. When users are matched they chat on the service before they can exchange personal contacts for safety. A member can pay a membership fee or use the freemium option to search for a suitable date. The founding entrepreneurs are Gary Kreman and Peng Ong. It is currently headquartered in Dallas Texas United States of America. In its initial stage, it was funded by the venture capitalists. It was acquired by the IAC who are the current owners. The business plan at first was to provide a platform to offer a classified advertising system for newspapers and magazines. Later they would change to a…
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Cheapoair Promo Code

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CheapOair is an online travel services provider. The company houses suppliers of travel services such as airline as well as hotels and transport company. Deals are offered on these services individually or as a package for vacation. CheapOair, as a company, was incorporated in the United States in 2005 as a subsidiary of fareportal, the parent company. With customers all across the globe, the company offers deals on both domestic travels in about 35 countries and international travels. CheapOair also serves numerous languages on the official website which are: English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German. You can navigate to the appropriate country sub-domain on the right-hand top corner of the website, in order to get local services and have quotes in country-specific currencies. There are several ways of accessing the services of cheapOair. You can complete bookings conveniently on the website. Or, you can utilise the mobile app downloadable on Google Plays or Apple App-Store. With the mobile app, you can easily manage your trip and have access to important flight updates. You may also call their call centre to complete booking. The company also offers you varying payment method on the web…
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Namecheap Promo Code

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About Namecheap

Namecheap offers an unlimited selection of unique and popular domain names, alongside robust hosting packages, WhoisGuard privacy protection, SSL security certificates and lots more. The ICANN-accredited domain registration company was founded in 2000 by its CEO Richard Kirkendall. After over a decade of existence, the boast of over 10 million domains under its management and professional supervision. Currently, Name-cheap stands out among several other top domain registration companies and web-hosting providers in the world. The internet has managed to become a vital part of people’s lives and it is now a necessity to have an online presence regardless of what you do. Namecheap has made it its mission to make online domain accessible to people at affordable rates. This also includes other auxiliary services and products that make it easy for people to make their mark online. Namecheap is widely known for its top-notch customer service and its uncommon ability to provide high-level hosting products and domains at market competitive prices. It was also recently named as one of the fastest-growing American companies by 2018 Inc. So far, the company has done well to maintain a reputation of honesty, transparency, and uncommon competence.…
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My Pillow Promo Code

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About MyPillow

My Pillow is a company that manufactures items such as pillows, mattresses among other products in that line. The firm was established by Mike Lindell in 2004 and has its head offices in the state of Minnesota, United States of America. The founder is the inventor of MyPillow a cushion that is designed to provide users with a pressure-free and comfortable sleep. MyPillow is among the most stylish pillows on the market; it is created using shredded foam material making it possible to adjust it to match your sleeping position. The manufacturer has conducted extensive advertising campaigns on various media to inform the public about the benefits of investing in a quality pillow. MyPillow is accessible from a wide variety of merchants such as Amazon, Beyond, Target, QVC, Bed Bath, among other sellers in different regions.

How to use MyPillow coupons

MyPillow clients can enjoy various discounts when they use coupon codes located on the manufacturer’s official website or different online stores or at to purchase the pillow from the manufacturer’s website. To purchase all MyPillow products directly from the website using their coupons; start by finding MyPillow Coupon codes at various…
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Ancestry DNA Coupons

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About is a Utah based company that was formed in 2009, although it originally operated as a different entity in earlier years. However, this company has since changed to be a public owned company with its shares traded at NASDAQ. It offers people an opportunity to understand their ancestry in a more detailed manner. Now, the company has subsidiaries that give its foreign customers access to important records through its subsidiaries. This means that those who had ancestors from china, Europe or Australia will be at a position to learn about their stories and make them part of their own. How the company works is simple. When you sign up, you get access to a huge search database where you can carry out search about your family tree. Once you have gathered some information, you can key in into your family tree and watch as the branches spread out. In addition, since your data is stored into the website, it will never be lost or damaged.

How to use Ancestry DNA coupon codes

Finding the treasures of your past need not be expensive, thanks to coupon codes…
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Budget Coupon Code

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About Budget Rent-A-Car

Budget was started in Los Angeles back in 1958, it’s founder was Morris Mirkin who put an initial investment of $10,000 into the company. He chose the name because he wanted it to be clear that his company was the choice for the budget-conscious renter and that they would not compromise on providing the lowest prices. The company was bought and sold many times over the next few years before going public in 1987. In the mid-2000s the parent company that owned both Budget and Avis separated into 4 smaller companies with one being Avis Budget Group. It re-acquired the Avis’ European operations bringing all of the car rental operations under the Budget and Avis name back into the same company, meaning that consumers will have the same customer experience no matter where in the world they are renting a car from either Budget or Avis. Their entire fleet is smoke-free.

Best-Rate Guarantee

Budget guarantees that they will always have the best rates for their vehicles posted on, you won’t find better rates listed on other travel websites such as Expedia or Travelocity. If you happen to find…
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Avis Coupon Code

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About Avis Car Rental

The Avis Car Rental company was started by William Avis back in 1946 at an airport in Detroit and was seeded by an investment of $85,000. By 1953 they had expanded their operations to many more airport locations and had opened up franchises in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. The following year (1954) William Avis sold the business to Richard S. Robie, a Boston area financier, for 8 million dollars. Not a bad return on investment! Although the company continued to grow at a huge rate over the next 10 years they were always second fiddle in the car rental game, with Hertz being number one. In 1956 they debuted the ‘We Try Harder’ marketing campaign, which is to this day recognized as one of the most clever and effective marketing campaigns of all time. It paid off and an 1965 the company was sold again for 51 million dollars. It would be sold again in 1977 for $174 million. Not bad at all for a company that started with one location at Willow Run Airport. Today, Avis is operating in more than 165 countries and has over 5,500…
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Travelocity Coupon

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About Travelocity

Travelocity was founded in 1996 as a joint venture between Sabre Holdings and Worldview System Corp following the need to provide electronic reservation services to travelers. At the time of the merger, Sabre was already an established travel reservation agency and therefore offered online reservation systems whereas worldview provided relevant information to the potential travelers on the website. Therefore, Travelocity was mainly meant to offer an online travel database that could manage travelers’ bookings and reservation while still providing relevant information to potential clients about their desired destinations. Such information includes the hotel reviews, restaurant recommendations, maps and relevant photos, weather reports, and entertainment available at a given destination. In its first few months in business, Travelocity had 144,000 registered clients and recorded 1.2 million visits. Its popularity grew further when it incorporated additional features which include car rental services and vacation packages which enhanced its clients travel experience. Since 1996, Travelocity has undergone a series of mergers and acquisition by various companies. Some key mergers and partnerships include its partnership with American Airlines in 1999 which enhanced its popularity and a merger with preview Travel in 2000 that led…