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CIT Bank Promo Code Coupons Updated For

About Cit Bank:

CIT (Commercial Investment Trust) Bank is a web-based banking solution that features the leading rates of interest rates on the CDs (Certificates of Deposit) and saving accounts. They also offer home loan items with adjustable and fixed rates and funding for your business venture. Their services are for individual and commercial customers. It also provides deposit items like savings and checkings accounts, personal retirement accounts, deposit certificates, and money market accounts. CIT Bank works via a network of seventy branches in southern California as well as its internet-based bank, This organization is based in Pasadena, California. Some principal executives of the CIT bank include Ms. Ellen R Alemany, Mr. Steven Folk, Mr. John J. Fawcett, and MS Anderson Caballero. CIT owns CIT bank, which was incorporated during 1908. Based on their website, there is the Fortune 500 organization, and they are found on SBA (Small Business Administration) preferred Lender list. They have more than a million business customers in more than thirty industries. CIT has over $50 billion in its assets, while CIT bank has more than $40 billion in its assets and about $30 billion in its deposits. Besides the online…
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TaxAct Coupon Promo Codes Updated For :

About TaxAct:

Founded in 1998, TaxAct is an online tax preparation solution. TaxAct serves individuals, businesses, and even tax consultants. The tax services that they provide are approved by both states and the IRS. This makes taxing with TaxAct safe. Taxing at TaxAct is considered affordable. The reasonable prices are to ensure that everyone can go through tax filing without too much hassle. Apart from that, TaxAct also aims to provide not only fast and affordable tax services, but they also want to make sure that the tax filing service they offer is accurate. In ensuring accuracy, they have a team of reliable programmers and tax accountants. To show their commitment to this, TaxAct even provides cash back and maximum refund guarantees to their clients. The tax filing products that they offer at TaxAct varies. This is to make sure that everyone is have given the same opportunity to receive tax services with them. The starter products they have at TaxAct are Free and Basic. With Free, customers can do tax filing which is considered fast for free. Meanwhile, with TaxAct’s Basic product, customers are given the privilege to file taxes with dependents and…