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About Allen Edmonds:

Although Allen Edmonds is known for shoe manufacturing, the company produces other products like clothes, wallets and accessories. One thing that stands out about the company is the high quality of its products. Allen Edmonds was founded in 1922 by Elbert W. Allen when he launched his shoe making company in Belgium which was called the Allen-Spiegel Shoe Company in Wisconsin. The company’s current headquarter is only a mere 10 miles from where the founder established the company. Allen together with his partner, who was also an excellent salesman, Bill Edmonds, knew that staying close to their roots was a key ingredient to success. Additionally, they understood that the values of humility, hard work, honesty and trust which they had been taught and grown up with would help them build a company like no other. Although the company was founded in Belgium, it is now based in the United States and continues in its mandate of manufacturing premium men’s shoes and accessories. Their designs are timeless and very unique. The company manufactures both casual and dress shoes and have been doing so since 1922. Additionally, only the best quality leather is…
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About is an American retailer of footwear products that is currently owned by Walmart. It was founded in Boston during 1999 and was formerly branded as IAC obtained it in 2006 and later in 2016 December, Walmart paid $9 Million USD for this company and called it This online inventory contains over a million products including shoes, bags, clothing and accessories.

What Does Do? offers a large collection of everyday footwear for both men and women. It gives coupons and promotions that help you save money while shopping on this site. It also allows exchanges and returns for all items and gives a refund for returned products. In addition, the site comprises of supportive customer service to help users meet their footwear needs. The site makes it easy, enjoyable and affordable for every person to find his or her best-preferred shoes and other items. Their inventory contains shoes from over 800 of the best brands accessible on any device. provides different designs and specialty of shoes such as sports shoes, work shoes, insulated shoes, among others. All shoes are of high quality and may differ in colors and…