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CIT Bank Promo Code Coupons Updated For September 2020

New! Enjoy a 0.75% APY With a Savings Builder Account:

Enjoy 1.79% APY With a Savings Builder Account today at CIT Bank!

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1 Year CD Account up to 1.05% APY

CIT Bank CDs offers a safe, and secure way to grow your savings. Choose from a selection of CD rates and terms to help you keep on track for your savings goals.

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Get a Money Market Account with CIT Bank

Get a Money Market Account with 0.85%% APY at CIT Bank!

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No Penalty CD!

Get the CIT Bank No-Penalty CD, you get the security of an 11 month CD with no withdrawal penalty seven days or later after funds have been received.

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About Cit Bank:

CIT (Commercial Investment Trust) Bank is a web-based banking solution that features the leading rates of interest rates on the CDs (Certificates of Deposit) and saving accounts. They also offer home loan items with adjustable and fixed rates and funding for your business venture. Their services are for individual and commercial customers. It also provides deposit items like savings and checking accounts, personal retirement accounts, deposit certificates, and money market accounts.

CIT Bank works via a network of seventy branches in southern California as well as its internet-based bank, This organization is based in Pasadena, California.

Some principal executives of the CIT bank include Ms. Ellen R Alemany, Mr. Steven Folk, Mr. John J. Fawcett, and MS Anderson Caballero. CIT owns CIT bank, which was incorporated during 1908. Based on their website, there is the Fortune 500 organization, and they are found on SBA (Small Business Administration) preferred Lender list. They have more than a million business customers in more than thirty industries.

CIT has over $50 billion in its assets, while CIT bank has more than $40 billion in its assets and about $30 billion in its deposits. Besides the online banking services, CIT bank also provides services in business for small organizations and a plethora of home mortgage items.

How to Save with CIT Bank:

For you to get the CIT Bank codes, you can click on the items with coupon codes to reveal them. Look for the product you want the discount for then after showing the code, proceed to the CIT Bank user interface and paste your code at the bottom right after entering the details of your order. The next page will show you how much you have saved and what you will pay for your order.

Have a keen eye on their page for coupons. There are times that CIT bank offer coupon codes for the new clients. For instance, you could get a cash bonus if you open some particular accounts. When you find one, be wary that this offer expires and therefore you act quickly. You will not require coupon codes to get the high-interest rates on the money market account.

At the CIT Bank, apply for the CIT Bank Savings Builder High Yield Savings Account. For you to continue earning top-notch interest rates, deposit above $100 every month, or if you want to save for high balance keep your balance above $25,000.

How Do You Connect with CIT Bank?

In case you have some questions or you need clarification you can call the CIT Bank’s client service on any day of the week using this number:855-462-2652. You can also fill in an online form to receive the email reply to your inquiry.

You can also get help about your issues on their official twitter page and tweet your request. They will reply to your inquiry in a short time and ask you to check your email for further instructions. They also have an Official Facebook page where they may post products with coupons and also release updates and news concerning the CIT Bank.

They even have a YouTube channel that you can subscribe to get to know more of them. You could get a notification every time they post something new.

Refund Policy:

In some cases, for students who pay their fees through CIT Bank, you could be eligible to receive a refund for the student course. Returns depend on conditions for tuition fees. These conditions are found on the Form for Entry Conditions on the letter of offer.

When CIT Bank notices that the item you deposited or cashed is being returned without payment, they will clear your product at their discretion again. They will then put a hold on the subject funds or charge you a fee for the refund and any interest that it has earned; it does not matter if the notice or return of non-payment is timely or proper.

This condition also applies to the drawn checks that are not paid for some reason, and to the checks which are returned in compliance to the legal provisions, rule or regulation. CIT bank may process a fee for any returned item and will notify you orally, in writing or electronically about the return.

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