How a Media Temple Coupon Code Made My Website Faster

What? How does a coupon make your website run faster? Our company was offered an exclusive Media Temple coupon code from the company itself for its brand-new WordPress hosting service. We rolled the dice and signed up with them. We also had a promo code for a free domain name from GoDaddy, so we really saved a lot of money.

Shortly after the migration…wow. The server response time on our website went into only a few milliseconds, instead of the 2.4 average server response time we had on our shared host. We are super-happy with our choice, and have no intention on going back.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Speed

Whether your goal is to share your thoughts and opinions with a few friends and family members or make some extra money, starting a blog is a great way to do it. Blogging is quickly becoming a popular business model, and the most successful bloggers can enjoy a full-time income doing something they love.

It does not matter whether your blog is for profit or just for fun – no matter what you blog about or how often you post, chances are you will use WordPress as your blogging platform. Although there are many competing platforms out there, WordPress remains the gold standard for bloggers around the world.


Building your new blog on the WordPress platform carries a number of important benefits, from great flexibility and widespread compatibility to the availability of a wide variety of add-ons. WordPress is also known for its speed and ease of use, but it is still important for bloggers to optimize their sites for fast loading and great performance.


There are a number of things webmasters and bloggers can do to speed up their WordPress sites and make sure that every user experience is a good one. Focusing on the user experience is critical for any blogger, and a slow loading WordPress site will turn off would-be readers right from the start.


One of the most important things bloggers can do to speed up their WordPress sites is to choose a great host. The web host can make or break any site, whether the blog is commercial or personal in nature. Many new bloggers rely on free web hosts, but those free hosting services sometimes lack the resources to provide optimum power and performance.


If you are planning to monetize your WordPress site, it is generally better to choose an affordable paid hosting site rather than rely on free hosting. Be sure to check the references of the web host and evaluate the speed and reliability of other WordPress sites they handle.


Beyond finding a great web host, there are additional things you can do to speed up your WordPress site. You will want to install an effective web caching plug-in, as this will minimize loading speeds and give repeat readers an excellent experience. You should also use a content delivery method (CDN) to optimize your blog posts and make them load as quickly as possible.


If you plan to include images on your blog (always a smart idea), you will want to optimize those as well. Look for software or plug-ins that optimize images automatically so you do not have to handle each picture by hand. As your blog grows and readership increases, you will want to make the most of your time, and automating parts of the blogging process can help you do just that.


When properly sped up and optimized, a WordPress site can be a real moneymaker, or at least a great way to share your opinions on current events and a host of other topics. From finding a great web host to choosing the right plug-ins and support software, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your readers (and your wallet) happy.

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