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  • Protect all your devices: PCs (including Macs), smartphones, Roku, Chromecast & more & get extra discounts with our NordVPN coupon codes.
  • There are different promo codes & coupons for NordVPN’s 3, 2, & 1-year virtual private network (VPN) plans. Using a 3 year plan NordVPN coupon will save you the most money overall, but you are committing to a 3-year package upfront.

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About NordVPN

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  • The word VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. There are various VPN around the globe. NordVPN is one of the most reliable VPN you can get in the market today.
  • They assist internet users in communicating and sharing their information privately. NordVPN has its remote server where it channels the user’s traffic. This helps in masking the users IP addresses and data.

How It Started

  • NordVPN began in the year 2012. Four friends came together and decided to create the company. NordVPN would assist internet users to stay safe from Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
  • They wanted to control government surveillance, content control, and also censorship. They felt these things made the internet lose its primary purpose of sharing information freely.

From Prototype to 8 Million Users Worldwide.

  • They developed the first VPN server and shared the prototype with their friends. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive which encouraged them work on their VPN more.
  • Now, they currently has over 8 million users across the world. It’s aim is to overcome all the restrictions limiting the free use of the internet.

How It Works

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) always tracks a user’s activities which can make being online unsafe. NordVPN helps users to increase their online privacy and security.

Protection for All Internet Devices (i.e. Roku, Mac, Chromecast & More)

They have developed applications and software which you can install on your devices. You can install NordVPN on your phones, personal computers and also routers.

Using Their Own Encryption

They have remote servers where they channel all the user’s traffic. On installing the application, your device’s traffic will be directed to the servers. It encrypts all the data that is being transmitted. NordVPN uses Internet Protocol security (IPsec) to encrypt the communications.

Subscriptions For Monthly or Yearly Protection Plans

You can pay a subscription fee either monthly or yearly for you to be able to use the services. Each subscribed member can connect a maximum of six devices at a time.

How NordVPN Coupon Codes Work

NordVPN is always giving its customers the best value for their dollar. They offer coupon codes where you may be able to save more once you buy their services:

  1. To get current coupon codes, you need to visit the pricing page on’s website.
  2. They have listed the particular offers they have for available. Select an applicable offer from the list.
  3. You must have an account with NordVPN to be able to use coupon codes. On selecting your preferred discounted subscription, proceed to the payment method.
  4. Enter all the necessary information in particular fields.
  5. Click the “Got a Coupon?” link, that is, if the promo code does not automatically take effect in your shopping cart (some promos are link-activated discounts and your order total will automatically be discounted).
  6. Type or paste in the coupon code and hit apply.
  7. The coupon code amount will be deducted from the NordVPN subscription fee. You can then proceed to checkout after you have confirmed the price.
  8. To know if the coupon code worked, check the order total and see if it’s been reduced. If it hasn’t, or the discount isn’t enough, keep trying more coupons until you get the right discount.

Contacting the Company:

Contact Us Page

NordVPN has created an open contact platform for their clients. If you are looking for help, you can click on their “contact us” page.

Help Center

You can then go to the help center where there is a list of issues and their solutions.

Live Chat

If you do not find a solution to your particular problem, you may email or chat with the customer service personnel.

You can contact customer service at any time of the day through their chat. If you need a solution quickly chatting with them would be the best option.


An email may take up to 24 hours for you to get a response.

Social Media:

NordVPN is also available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can connect with their customer support through these platforms as well.

Cancellation/Return Policy

Their return policy is outlined in their terms and conditions. Once you buy a subscription, you have 30 days to request a refund.

This is as a way of ensuring their customers enjoy their services and are satisfied. In some cases where NordVPN cannot work, the company will resolve any issues with the configuration settings.

For iTunes/App Store:

If you have subscribed via iTunes/App store, the store return policies would be applicable. In such situations, you may need to contact the App store for a refund.

For Android:

For Android users, you can contact Google Play store to refund your subscription.

Cryptocurrency Refunds:

If you subscribed through a cryptocurrency, then the refund would be made through that same cryptocurrency. The refund is offered at the current market exchange rate.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you violate the NordVPN terms of service, then your account may be terminated and no refunds will be made.