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Tommy John Coupon

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About Tommy John:

Tommy John is an online underwear fashion retail company. It was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in New York City, New York, USA. The founder of Tommy John, Tom Patterson is the current CEO while his wife and co-founder, Erin Fujimoto, heads Merchandising. Incorporated in 2012, Tommy John deals in undershirts, underwear, and socks for both men and women. Tommy John has a workforce of 100 employees spread across its store locations. There hundreds of Tommy John stores located throughout the US.

How it Works

On the Tommy John website, click on the menu bar (3 lines) at the top left corner of the screen. The items are grouped into various categories and sub-categories for ease of navigation. This makes your shopping easier. The categories include: New arrivals Men Women Packs Underwear Shop by collection Seasonal offers Clicking on any of the categories above will give you the sub-categories to choose from. You can then proceed to pick your favorite undergarments. The items you pick will go to your shopping cart situated on your screen’s top right corner. Make payments at the checkout section. Payment options include PayPal and…
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Cupshe Coupon

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About Cupshe:

Cupshe is a Californian themed swimwear brand which has been capturing and intriguing the imaginations of beach-loving women from all the corners of the globe since 2013. Inspired by the deep affinity and affection that women attach to beach life and the love for traveling to exotic destinations, it blends aspirational stylishness with affordable fashion designs to create state of the art and timeless swim collections that add extra relish to the already flavorful beach life.

How it works

Payment methods Like any other reputable online store, Cupshe accepts a wide range of payments to facilitate a seamless shopping experience for shoppers from all walks or the globe. These are Master card, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal, JCB, PayPal Credit, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. NB: The store does not accept debit cards. Ordering After successfully making an order on the store, order information is automatically sent to your registered email address. For this reason, ensure that you create your account with a valid email address to make sure that you receive all the updates concerning your order. Canceling an Order Any order made on Cupshe can be canceled as long as…
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Zinus Coupon

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About Zinus:

Youn Jae Lee started his entrepreneurial venture in 1979 building tents. Eventually, Mr. Lee shifted his business focus into the home. From a product company with a focus on tents, furniture etc. oriented to comfort, in 2003 Zinus moved their focus to comfort-oriented indoor products. Zinus specializes in mattresses and mattress foundations. An ecommerce company that is growing quickly, they embrace and enable the entrepreneurial spirit in all of their employees. For over 16 years, they have been in the business of compressing and delivering mattresses, long before the bed-in-a-box companies were even thought of. They are in the business of creating harmony and stand for evolution, always seeking ways to improve and become more efficient in providing quality products at a price they can be proud of. Business is important but they care about people even more, which is why it was not long before they launched their first bedding products. In 2006, the company developed compression packing technology & patented “Smart Base” and in 2007, introduced “Bio Foam”, with green tea, natural seed oil, and active charcoal. Their quest for transformation was unwavering, which is why 2008 they introduced “Eco…
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Miles Kimball Coupon

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About Miles Kimball:

It all began in 1934 when Miles Kimball & Dean Geer began DirectMail Associates. Six years later Dean sells his interest to Miles who changes the name of the business to The Miles-Kimball Company. The simple business idea of designing Christmas cards that spelled out the name of the sender took off and the business branched out to include many other reputed brands such as Miles Kimball, Mrs. Kimball’s Candy-Shoppe, Christmas-Cards by Miles Kimball, Walter Drake, Easy Comfort, As-We-Change, and Exposures. During the lifetime of Alberta Kimball & Miles Kimball, the Miles-Kimball Foundation as well as the Alberta Kimball Charitable-Foundation were formed and conducted many charitable acts to improve social issues and conditions in Oshkosh and neighboring areas. Today, the corporate name of the MilesKimball Company has been changed to SilverStar Brands as the business has grown to become a large conglomerate manufacturing and marketing many products that are different, unexpected and unique only to the Miles Kimball brand. The MilesKimball Company specializes in exquisitely designed personalized gifts, ornaments, labels, food and candy, clothing accessories, garden décor, bed & bath products and much more.

How to Use Coupon Codes?

Doing a…
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JR Cigar Coupon

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About JR Cigars:

JR Cigars supply a huge range of fine quality smokables including cigars, domestic and imported pipe tobacco and accessories such as humidors and lighters. From the seasoned smoker looking for something truly unique to the fresh-faced who are developing a taste, JR Cigars has something for everyone across the US who is over 21 years old. The committed JR Cigar staff have a vast knowledge of tobacco and smokables of all tastes at the most affordable prices you can find on the web. They offer fast shipping speeds and free delivery on the majority of their products, you can even sign up for automatic shipping which guarantees a fresh batch of smokables delivered to your door on your chosen delivery date. JR Cigars also provide a smokers masterclass blog of just about everything tobacco related, from how-to’s, to tips and even product reviews. They run the JR University for video tutorials and recommendations from their top tobacco connoisseurs. If you’re in for a bit of fun, try a JR Auction, a bidding platform to get exclusive deals on top-quality cigars, or Beat-The-Dealer, a randomised jackpot where you can win such…
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Ashley Stewart Coupon

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About Ashley Stewart:

Let’s face it, we all love shopping, and it shouldn’t be a hassle finding clothes we want, especially if you are serving curves. Yes, ladies! You read that right. Ashley Stewart is here—has been since 1991—and is ready to style and empower with clothes, of course, fashion forward and all at affordable prices. Its name you’d think is eponymously decided; however, and ingeniously, it’s a combination of household names Laura Ashley & Martha Stewart for whom the company identified as posh America! That which you’ll also be if you step into their clothing. Think: tops, LBDs, jeans, new arrivals with popular brands, like La La Anthony or Bebe to name a few. How about for the occasion? They have that, too! #ChurchFlow is an entire category all to itself. Then there are party, wrap, casual, and two-piece dresses. And if that’s not enough, you can always accessories with their shoe, jewelry, handbag, hat, intimate, and even fragrance offerings. The company first got kickstarted through investor Joseph Sitt whose market research led him to this untapped market of urban business women. Now the company has 89 stores all across the US, its…
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Hammacher Schlemmer Coupon

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About Hammacher Schlemmer:

Hammacher Schlemmer is a renowned American retail and Catalog company with headquarters situated at Niles, Illinois. While remaining a prominent name in America’s retail business, the company has its history dating to as far back as 1848. The company began the printing and distribution of a company catalog in 1881 and never looked back since then. By 1912, the company hit a major milestone by printing the largest catalog in its history which incidentally is still the largest till date. The impressive catalog comprised of 1112 pages. In recognition of this remarkable achievement, the hardbound copy of the catalog is safely stored in Smithsonian’s amiable collection. However, the retail story of Hammacher Schlemmer began in 1848 when the company started a hardware store at 221, The Bowery. The store remained there until 1859 before it moved to 209 The bowery where the store also operated until 1904. A series of events surrounded the company’s stay at this location until 1926. In the wake of 1926, the company moved to its current location at 57th East street. Two more stores were added to Hammacher and Schlemmer in the early 1980s; one started…
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Tracfone Promo Code

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About Tracfone:

Tracfone is a prepaid mobile phone operator in the United States, US Virgin Islands as well as Puerto Rico. It is arguably America’s largest contract-free cellular service provider with an incredible 25 million subscribers (or more). Company policies such as no contracts required, unlimited data and minutes roll-over, and an excellent coverage map make it very popular with consumers. You can also use a phone that you already have to access their network and use purchased minutes and data. Tracfone is a subsidiary of the largest telecommunication company in Mexico, America Movil. Also, it provides other goods and services but using different brands. It was founded back in 1996 in Miami, Florida. It has a total of 90,000 retail locations and by 2008 it had a total of over 400 employees. It sells its mobile phone products and services while offering discounts and promo codes alike. They pride themselves on their unrivalled customer service, both in store and online. As a result, they always get good ratings from their customers and on average they have a rating of 4.0 stars. Compared to other companies in the prepaid phones industry, Tracfone scores very highly…
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Discount Dance Coupon

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About Discount Dance:

Discount Dance LLC was established in 1973 by Brian Hill and Rhonda Hill. The company started first as a small dance shop and later on transformed into a dance apparel supply business. The company set its core business in the dance apparel niche during its early years and opened six dance apparel stores in Southern California. Over time the company grew and their products started gaining interest in the international arena. To meet their growing international market, Discount Dance LLC partnered with several shipping and logistics companies to manage and fulfill its ever-growing apparel orders. Today, Discount Dance LLC has grown to be an internationally renowned brand. It has its headquarters in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania and runs an online apparel shop where shoppers from different countries can browse the different apparel designs and make their purchases online. The company maintains a large inventory of dance apparel which includes women and men dancewear, a wide variety of shoes, dance accessories, and gymnastics clothing. It also has general clothing designs such as T-shirts and undergarments.

How to Use the Coupon Codes

Discount Dance has attractive coupon discounts which run through the bigger part…
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Coldwater Creek Coupon

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About Coldwater Creek:

Coldwater Creek was founded by Dennis and Ann Pence near Northern Idaho in 1984. The company specialized in selling women’s clothing. Now the Coldwater Creek specializes in selling women’s clothing and home decor. In addition to online business, they have six stores spread across the United States. The business was started on the tiny resort town of Sandpoint. At the time, the founders were really strapped for cash. They printed their catalogs in one color. It was not until one year later that they were able to print out a multi-colored catalog. The business really picked up in the 1990s. This was because of the company’s commitment to excellence and exemplary customer service. In 1991, they made a profit of about 1.6 million dollars. In 2007, the company collected revenue of slightly more than 1 billion dollars. Due to poor management, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2014. However, this was not the end of Coldwater Creek. The new owners, Sycamore Partners, purchased the company and set about rebuilding it. They initially relaunched it as an online-only retail business. Now, due to the rapid growth it has experienced, they have begun…