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AliExpress Promo Code Promo Codes updated for

About Ali Express

Aliexpress is retail store online, where companies big or small sell their products. The company is owned by Alibaba and it is based out of China. Since 2010 they have been offering international buyers including individual buyers and companies. With buyers from around the globe Aliexpress serves the following languages: Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, and Italian. Aliexpress has a popular affiliate marketing program that rewards people who send others to their site by using a link provided.

How To Use Discount Codes

Coupons can be found a few ways. Through an email from Aliexpress, on the home page, and right on the merchants product page. By clicking on the coupon you will have the chance to add the coupon to your account. Some coupons come out in advance and are only valid during a certain time frame. Once you coupon is valid you can go to the home page of your account and look down the options on the left hand side of the page. There you will find a section called “My Coupons”. This is also where you will see any saved coupons you may have. On this…