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Scrubs and Beyond Coupon

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ScrubsAndBeyond.com Promo Codes Updated For :

About Scrubs & Beyond:

Scrubs and Beyond is a healthcare apparel online retail company. The company was founded by Karla Bakersmith in 2000. In July 2013, Scrubs and Beyond bought Uniform City and Life Uniform to become the largest retailer in the healthcare apparel industry. Currently, the company boasts of over 140 store locations spread throughout the United States. It serves the US as well as the international markets through the e-commerce platform. Scrubs and Beyond sells tops, pants, shoes, lab coats among other healthcare accessories for men and women. It stock various famous brands such as Koi, Urbane, Dickies, Barco, Medcouture, and Dansko.

How it Works

You start by visiting the website www.scrubsandbeyond.com. Then you explore the menu shown on the top right corner of the screen. The items are arranged in categories for easier navigation and shopping. These categories include: Men Women Brands Clearance Shoes and accessories Colors They are further classified into more specific items. Tab or click on the subgroup you’re interested in and shop your favourites. The chosen products will appear in the shopping cart. You can pay with debit cards like Visa or MasterCard if you’re within the…
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Allen Edmonds Coupon

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About Allen Edmonds:

Although Allen Edmonds is known for shoe manufacturing, the company produces other products like clothes, wallets and accessories. One thing that stands out about the company is the high quality of its products. Allen Edmonds was founded in 1922 by Elbert W. Allen when he launched his shoe making company in Belgium which was called the Allen-Spiegel Shoe Company in Wisconsin. The company’s current headquarter is only a mere 10 miles from where the founder established the company. Allen together with his partner, who was also an excellent salesman, Bill Edmonds, knew that staying close to their roots was a key ingredient to success. Additionally, they understood that the values of humility, hard work, honesty and trust which they had been taught and grown up with would help them build a company like no other. Although the company was founded in Belgium, it is now based in the United States and continues in its mandate of manufacturing premium men’s shoes and accessories. Their designs are timeless and very unique. The company manufactures both casual and dress shoes and have been doing so since 1922. Additionally, only the best quality leather is…
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Tommy John Coupon

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About Tommy John:

Tommy John is an online underwear fashion retail company. It was founded in 2008 and has its headquarters in New York City, New York, USA. The founder of Tommy John, Tom Patterson is the current CEO while his wife and co-founder, Erin Fujimoto, heads Merchandising. Incorporated in 2012, Tommy John deals in undershirts, underwear, and socks for both men and women. Tommy John has a workforce of 100 employees spread across its store locations. There hundreds of Tommy John stores located throughout the US.

How it Works

On the Tommy John website, click on the menu bar (3 lines) at the top left corner of the screen. The items are grouped into various categories and sub-categories for ease of navigation. This makes your shopping easier. The categories include: New arrivals Men Women Packs Underwear Shop by collection Seasonal offers Clicking on any of the categories above will give you the sub-categories to choose from. You can then proceed to pick your favorite undergarments. The items you pick will go to your shopping cart situated on your screen’s top right corner. Make payments at the checkout section. Payment options include PayPal and…
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Zinus Coupon

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Zinus.com Discount Codes Updated For :

About Zinus:

Youn Jae Lee started his entrepreneurial venture in 1979 building tents. Eventually, Mr. Lee shifted his business focus into the home. From a product company with a focus on tents, furniture etc. oriented to comfort, in 2003 Zinus moved their focus to comfort-oriented indoor products. Zinus specializes in mattresses and mattress foundations. An ecommerce company that is growing quickly, they embrace and enable the entrepreneurial spirit in all of their employees. For over 16 years, they have been in the business of compressing and delivering mattresses, long before the bed-in-a-box companies were even thought of. They are in the business of creating harmony and stand for evolution, always seeking ways to improve and become more efficient in providing quality products at a price they can be proud of. Business is important but they care about people even more, which is why it was not long before they launched their first bedding products. In 2006, the company developed compression packing technology & patented “Smart Base” and in 2007, introduced “Bio Foam”, with green tea, natural seed oil, and active charcoal. Their quest for transformation was unwavering, which is why 2008 they introduced “Eco…
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Miles Kimball Coupon

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MilesKimball.com Promo Codes Updated For :

About Miles Kimball:

It all began in 1934 when Miles Kimball & Dean Geer began DirectMail Associates. Six years later Dean sells his interest to Miles who changes the name of the business to The Miles-Kimball Company. The simple business idea of designing Christmas cards that spelled out the name of the sender took off and the business branched out to include many other reputed brands such as Miles Kimball, Mrs. Kimball’s Candy-Shoppe, Christmas-Cards by Miles Kimball, Walter Drake, Easy Comfort, As-We-Change, and Exposures. During the lifetime of Alberta Kimball & Miles Kimball, the Miles-Kimball Foundation as well as the Alberta Kimball Charitable-Foundation were formed and conducted many charitable acts to improve social issues and conditions in Oshkosh and neighboring areas. Today, the corporate name of the MilesKimball Company has been changed to SilverStar Brands as the business has grown to become a large conglomerate manufacturing and marketing many products that are different, unexpected and unique only to the Miles Kimball brand. The MilesKimball Company specializes in exquisitely designed personalized gifts, ornaments, labels, food and candy, clothing accessories, garden décor, bed & bath products and much more.

How to Use Coupon Codes?

Doing a…
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Ashley Stewart Coupon

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AshleyStewart.com Promo Codes Updated For :

About Ashley Stewart:

Let’s face it, we all love shopping, and it shouldn’t be a hassle finding clothes we want, especially if you are serving curves. Yes, ladies! You read that right. Ashley Stewart is here—has been since 1991—and is ready to style and empower with clothes, of course, fashion forward and all at affordable prices. Its name you’d think is eponymously decided; however, and ingeniously, it’s a combination of household names Laura Ashley & Martha Stewart for whom the company identified as posh America! That which you’ll also be if you step into their clothing. Think: tops, LBDs, jeans, new arrivals with popular brands, like La La Anthony or Bebe to name a few. How about for the occasion? They have that, too! #ChurchFlow is an entire category all to itself. Then there are party, wrap, casual, and two-piece dresses. And if that’s not enough, you can always accessories with their shoe, jewelry, handbag, hat, intimate, and even fragrance offerings. The company first got kickstarted through investor Joseph Sitt whose market research led him to this untapped market of urban business women. Now the company has 89 stores all across the US, its…
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Discount Dance Coupon

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DiscountDance.com Discount Codes Updated For :

About Discount Dance:

Discount Dance LLC was established in 1973 by Brian Hill and Rhonda Hill. The company started first as a small dance shop and later on transformed into a dance apparel supply business. The company set its core business in the dance apparel niche during its early years and opened six dance apparel stores in Southern California. Over time the company grew and their products started gaining interest in the international arena. To meet their growing international market, Discount Dance LLC partnered with several shipping and logistics companies to manage and fulfill its ever-growing apparel orders. Today, Discount Dance LLC has grown to be an internationally renowned brand. It has its headquarters in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania and runs an online apparel shop where shoppers from different countries can browse the different apparel designs and make their purchases online. The company maintains a large inventory of dance apparel which includes women and men dancewear, a wide variety of shoes, dance accessories, and gymnastics clothing. It also has general clothing designs such as T-shirts and undergarments.

How to Use the Coupon Codes

Discount Dance has attractive coupon discounts which run through the bigger part…
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Ulta Coupon

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Ulta.com Beauty Promo Codes Updated For :

About Ulta Beauty:

Headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, Ulta Beauty is a chain of beauty stores. It was founded back in 1990 by Richard E George. Among the wide range of products it deals with include haircare and skincare products, makeup kits, cosmetics, and both men’s and women’s fragrances. Also, there is a salon in each of their stores. It was previously known as Ulta Salon, cosmetics and fragrance inc but in 2017 they changed their name to Ulta Beauty. As of 2018, Ulta Beauty operates a total of 1,124 stores across 49 states as well as the district Columbia. And, these stores have the same format which includes a salon area of 950 square feet with up to 10 stations. Among the stations are a booking desk, private shampoo and hair processing rooms, and a skin treatment room. It had a total of 24,200 employees in 2017 with total assets of 2.552 billion. Its revenue for the year was 4.855 billion and the net income was at 409.8 million. Its CEO is Mary Dillon.

Coupon Codes

There is no better way to save while shopping at Ulta Beauty than using coupon codes. Follow…
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Roamans Coupon

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Roamans.com Promo Codes Updated For :

About Roamans:

Roamans is a clothing and fashion company that has been in operation since 1901. It is part of Fullbeauty brands that was established in 1901 in America. Fullbeauty brands is made up of other companies alongside Roamans including Woman Within and Ellos. Roamans along with Fullbeauty brands are the main players in the ongoing campaign that is against body shaming. Their Body Positive Movement goes against the fashion trend that mostly involves the use of extremely skinny fashion models. In 2015, they led a positive body campaign dubbed “OwnYourCurves”. This campaign sought to alter people’s perceptions as regards a “perfect body.” It sought to portray plus-size women in a positive light. Roamans is a global trendsetter when it comes to plus-size women’s fashion. The fact that they’ve been in business for over 100 years means that they are trusted by customers to always deliver. At Roamans, women can shop for all types of clothes. This includes casual wear, business wear, lingerie, and sleepwear. Roamans created its web page in 2001 so as to reach the global audience. Roamans’ website is technologically up to date and easy to use. It is designed to…
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Zaful Coupon

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Zaful Promo Codes Updated For :

About Zaful:

Zaful is an online fashion retail brand that is based in Shenzhen, China. It is owned by Hong Kong-based Wiseon E-Commerce LTD. Zaful was established in 2007. Although many people know it as a women’s fashion brand because of its propensity to share the latest trends and news in women’s clothing, it also has a men’s fashion line. Zaful offers a variety of hip fashion items ranging from dresses, swimwear, tops, shoes, activewear, to other accessories. Regardless of it being an online retailer throughout its existence, it wasn’t until recently that Zaful started to market itself aggressively on Social media. This strategy has borne fruits because since it integrated digital marketing into its marketing strategy, the company has grown its online presence multiple-fold. Through partnerships with influential people, Zaful has created an online community of like-minded individuals who discuss fashion trends and help market its products to new customers.

How to use Coupon Codes

Zaful offers a couple of discounts to their customers. There are promo codes available to subsidize your shopping experience. These codes are, however, not used to subsidize shipping costs and they must be valid to go through. To…