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EdX Coupon Code

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EdX.org Promo Codes Updated For :

About EdX:

Edx’s among the world’s top destination for online education and is considered as the best provider of MOOC (Massive Open-Online-Courses) from the top colleges/universities across the globe. It was established in 2012 by a group of scientists from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard and the following is their mission: To enhance learning and teaching online and on-campus To advance teaching as well as learning programs through research To provide access to education to every individual across the world Being a non-profit organization, EdX offers its courses in a free and open-source environment. This means that most of the courses are offered without any cost, although you need to pay for certificate cost upon completion. Currently, there are about fourteen million students in this platform taking more than 1900 online courses. The courses are available in a variety of languages including Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, French, and English. Learning includes shot precise videos that are followed by exercises that are very interactive. Also included are textbooks, a laboratory, and a huge discussion forum – and all of these are based online. After a particular course is successfully completed, the organization issues a…