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Available in Canada and all the 50 states of the U.S., U-Haul is a well-recognized American truck rental and moving equipment company. It was founded in the summer of 1945 in Washington by Leonard Shoen, a U.S. Navy veteran, and his wife, AnnaMary Carty Shoen. The inception of U-Haul was primarily to address the enormous country-wide need for rental moving equipment. They had recognized the need for a service of this sort after their own unsuccessful attempt to rent a trailer to move their possessions. Executing their vision to solve this problem enabled the mobility of the masses of the U.S. & Canada and in turn provided a phenomenal solution to the problem faced by many. Early in their business journey, the Shoens had gone broke but their perseverance kept the business running. Today, with billions of dollars in revenue, U-Haul maintains the biggest rental fleet in the do-it-yourself moving industry. The Shoen family continues to have majority stake in U-Haul and the company has over 16,000 active dealers across the country. U-Haul’s trucks can be rented at any time, eliminating the need to plan one’s move weeks or months ahead of…