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TaxAct Coupons Promo Codes Updated For September 2020:

50% off Federal Online returns.

Get your taxes over with now and we'll give you 50% off.

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10 minutes to finish your free simple taxes.

10 minutes is all that it takes with TaxAct - try it now.

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Free return and earn up to a $100 bonus.

Use TaxAct to file your return and earn some money back.

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Save 20% off Federal and State tax returns.

Get your taxes done and out of the way immediately.

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Student? Don't think you need to file taxes?

Think again. Use TaxAct before the man comes after you.

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Free Tax Tools, Tax Calculators, Reports and More

Plan for next year with our helpful tools.

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Save on 1040 tax returns!

15% Off All TaxAct Online Federal and State 1040 Returns

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Tax law got your head spinning?

Use TaxAct to easily navigate through your return.

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TaxAct Premier+

When you need a little extra hand holding - we got you.

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Active Military Files Free with TaxAct Online

All Program Fees Removed at Filing with Military EIN

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About TaxAct:

Founded in 1998, TaxAct is an online tax preparation solution. TaxAct serves individuals, businesses, and even tax consultants. The tax services that they provide are approved by both states and the IRS. This makes taxing with TaxAct safe.

Taxing at TaxAct is considered affordable. The reasonable prices are to ensure that everyone can go through tax filing without too much hassle. Apart from that, TaxAct also aims to provide not only fast and affordable tax services, but they also want to make sure that the tax filing service they offer is accurate. In ensuring accuracy, they have a team of reliable programmers and tax accountants. To show their commitment to this, TaxAct even provides cash back and maximum refund guarantees to their clients.

The tax filing products that they offer at TaxAct varies. This is to make sure that everyone is have given the same opportunity to receive tax services with them. The starter products they have at TaxAct are Free and Basic. With Free, customers can do tax filing which is considered fast for free. Meanwhile, with TaxAct’s Basic product, customers are given the privilege to file taxes with dependents and also take care of college expenses. TaxAct’s Basic product costs $9.95.

Taking it to another level is TaxAct’s Deluxe product. Deluxe is TaxAct’s most popular product. This product is great for homeowners. With Deluxe, customers can take care of several things, deductions and credits to name a few. One great feature of the Deluxe product is that customers will receive support from tax experts via email, and also technical support from TaxAct’s team which can be done via phone. The cost of TaxAct’s Deluxe product is $29.95.

On top of the Deluxe product, TaxAct also has the Premier and Self-Employed products. With premier, customers can take care of their investments and also the rental of properties. Not only that, but customers will also be prioritized by TaxAct’s supported team. The support they give through this product can be done via phone, chat, and screen share. Premier costs $34.95. Meanwhile, Self-Employed is the most expensive at $49.95. Through this product, customers will receive a feature that allows them to maximize tax deductions. In addition, customers will also receive year-round tax resources.

How to use coupon codes

Redeeming your coupon at TaxAct is pretty easy. To start off, customers will need to complete their tax return by filling in the tax return form at TaxAct. Afterwards, customers will need to choose a gift and TaxAct will add the bonus. Lastly, customers can claim their bonus and then use it.

Refund policy

If there is an error caused by TaxAct’s system, they offer guaranteed refunds. Errors by TaxAct which results in customers having to pay more tax can be quickly taken care of. All customers need to do is go TaxAct’s website and claim for a refund. The claim must be done 60 days after customers have filed a return. If not, customers can claim a refund through TaxAct within 30 days after receiving penalty statement made by the IRS or state of authorities. Once TaxAct has received your claim for a refund, their team would need to study and verify your claim before making further actions. For that reason, customers are required to cooperate with TaxAct by providing all the required documents and information. After having reviewed customers’ claim, the team at TaxAct will give a response within 90 days.

How to contact TaxAct

There are various ways to get in touch with the TaxAct team. By going to TaxAct’s website, customers can choose to look for customer service or tax help. For tax help, customers can either opt to ask for tax assistance through their email, or call them at (319) 373-3600. If customers opt to email, they need to provide personal information to the team can locate their account.
Meanwhile, for customer service, customers can call the TaxAct team at (319) 373-3600, or email the customer service team’s email. To contact the customer service team through email, you will need to at least have an outlook account.

However, you may also contact TaxAct through their social media. They have accounts on various social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, and Youtube. Even more, they also have their own blog should customers seek further information.

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