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Ready To Start a Business Blog?

First off: congrats! A blog for your business is a great way to connect with your customers (or potential customers). But there are many tips that can take your blog from good to great. Here’s our favorites:

Use Web Hosting Coupons To Bootstrap Your Blog

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Great Business Blogs Emphasize Quality over Quantity

Writing a great business blog isn’t about throwing a bunch of meaningless words on the page and calling it a post. It takes time to choose a unique topic, develop key points, gather research, and write your business blog in an interesting and concise way. It’s better to write a high quality post once a week than to post empty words daily.

To make sure your business blog is great, always emphasize quality over quantity. Here is how you can do it.

Write a Business Blog with Purpose

The primary purpose of writing a business blog is to develop readership. The best way to develop and grow readership is by creating useful quality content. Therefore, your purpose for writing a business blog should be to offer your readers unique, interesting information in concise, digestible bites. That way, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Before writing a post, chose a reason for writing it. Decide if you want to inform, educate, entertain, or promote. Knowing why you’re writing will help you focus on creating a quality business blog that remains on topic.

Write a Focused Business Blog

Once you decide the purpose of your business post, the next step is to consider your central theme. Choose a topic you know intimately. Be specific. Instead of just writing about business marketing, drill down further. Perhaps creating a mobile marketing strategy or online marketing campaign for a specific industry is a better topic.

The idea is to dig deeper into the subject matter. Smaller bites are easier for readers to understand and absorb, especially since the human attention span is only about eight seconds long. Be careful not to choose a broad topic. You may find you’re not covering the subject effectively.

Another way to help focus your business blog is to choose the proper format for each post. This may include a “how-to,” a list, a comparison, or something else entirely. Focusing your business blog will help determine the best format.

Don’t Rush Your Business Blog

One of the key elements for writing a quality business blog is to take sufficient time to develop it thoroughly. Rushing can lead to typographical and grammatical errors and easily diminish the quality. Studies have shown that readers lose confidence in the content and writer when there are continuous and significant errors in content.

Instead, take time to develop your topic and create a catchy headline (title) – something that will attract readers without misleading them about the content. Make sure to write in a friendly, yet professional tone.

Finally, if you’re like most business professionals and time is a factor, write shorter golden nuggets. They’re easier to create and take advantage of short attention spans. Home improvement retailer Lowe’s does this to perfection using Vine videos.  

Any old business blog won’t do when it comes to attracting readership. Writing a quality business blog takes time, purpose, and focus. Make your business blog great by emphasizing quality over quantity.

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